It is almost 8 years since I last stepped into Hong Kong. The last visit was a on-the-way visit - a working trip dated back to 2010. This time, I was there with mum, and we were 100% as tourist! Hong Kong is not a 'new' place to me, but it's always close to me, probably because of the relatives staying there and more uniquely, the common language that we speak - Cantonese! This time, it's also a mother-daughter bonding trip! In this trip, we went to places that I had not explored much in the past. In fact, it's a very MTR-intensive trip - we got to all the places by MTR! There's always something new to learn about this place each time I come :)

✈️ 🍴 29 Nov: Heading Hong Kong

Here's the low cholesterol meal - yummy :)

Seafood meal for mum - more fish! more prawns!

Not forgetting - our dessert :)

🍜 30 Nov: Lunch @ Lantau Island Po Lin Monastery 🥗

Vegetarian lunch set was available at the restaurant in the monastery - The ordinary and the deluxe. Well, I guess the dishes were pretty similar, but one key difference pointed out to us was - we would have our own table if it's deluxe meal, else it there could be strangers to "搭台" if it's the ordinary package. Well, actually, being a weekday and being early, that would not happen anyway.

For two persons, the serving was a lot. Well, mentioned in the recipient, the payment would go to the maintenance of the monastery. The dishes were well cooked - we cleared almost everything except the rice and the soup.

Something that we could not resist was the Tofu beancurd - it's so much smoother and tender!
A must try!

🍜 30 Nov: Dinner @ 镛记酒家 Yung Kee 🐦

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I guess we were early and therefore did not see the crowd (that we heard about) at this 老字号. This eatery received a Michelin star for 3 consecutive years some years ago. 

The plate of juicy nice goose (for 2-4 servings) - yummy! 

The vegetarian noodle was crispy and yummy!

A shop was a short walk from the Central MTR station and was near Lan Kwai Fong.

🍜 2 Dec: Breakfast @ 翠华茶餐厅 🥣

Had breakfast at the 翠华茶餐厅 after visiting the 黄大仙祠 .
What drew our attention to the cafe was the 溏心餐 advertisement.
Nevertheless, we did not tried that, but the standard breakfast set.

This is the standard 茶餐厅 breakfast
- here's the set with the 五香肉丁公仔面 + 牛油包 + omelette + a cup of 奶茶

Well, felt that it's just average, but one meal was enough for both of us.

🍜 2 Dec: 文记车仔面 🍲

Thanks to the recommendation from Annie & Simon, we found something very local - simple and good at Tsum Shui Po.

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It's easy to find (especially with GoogleMap on hand) - that's the only eatery stall with a crowd queuing:

Here's actually the menu.

It's packed with rows (a bit like the Japanese eateries). There wasn't any "tables".

Patrons needed to collect a queuing slip and sat outside to wait for our turn.
We were lucky as a couple who was queuing separately gave one of their tickets to us. That probably had saved us from sitting here for at least half an hour!

Here's the menu we received - that we marked the items with a marker to place our order.
Note: It's indicated on the menu (see bottom, highlighted in red) that the minimum spending should be HKD25

Notice the small hook right above the seat number (23)? That's where we hanged the receipt, that each came with a clip :) Well, notice the various sauces that lined up on the table?

Here came our dinner - though simple, but delicious :)

🍜 3 Dec: Brunch at Hong Kong International Airport 🍳

We had lunch at 美心翡翠 - Good dim sum. Though the cost might be slightly at the high side, food tasted good, and well, I presume that's average, considering the location. Well, the price is on par with those eateries (which were mostly self-serviced) at the transit area!

白茶 - 牡丹茶🍵



粉肠 with prawns and chives

Of course, we got the Roast Goose from this restaurant, too! All nicely packed into 2 boxes :)
The deal here was definitely much better than what we saw at the transit area.

Here's the menu of the dim sum... The items were organised by the price category:

✈️ 🍴 3 Dec: Home Sweet Home @ Hong Kong International Airport

First time having a seat at the upper deck of the A380 plane. The legroom is more spacious than I thought or I should say, more spacious than the one that I had when flew to London many many years ago (still, it was A380). Nevertheless, the entertainment system was the older type which was managed through the 'handheld' remote controller. I missed the convenience of the touch screen system in the A330 airbus.

The meal I ordered - Low fat/ low cholesterol meal. It's fish! Tasty :)
Still, it's tasty and it's followed by a cup of banana flavoured Häagen-Dazs ice cream.
Hm.... it's labelled to ensure that it will go to the right person :P

This is mum's seafood meal: Pasta with fish, and also smoked salmon salad.

🏠 Accommodation @ Hyatt Regency Sha Tin 凯悦沙田

The hotel was situated in the New Territories 新界 district, away from the crowded city. By taxi, it took about 30 minutes to travel from the airport and it cost us close to HKD 300. In fact, this was the only taxi trip we had throughout our entire stay this time as after exploration, it's very convenient to move round via the MTR, especially with the University Station right beside the hotel!

While the hotel was not reflected in the Airport Express Shuttle Bus service card, it provided its own shuttle service to the Kowloon Station where we caught the Airport Express. Convenient :)
Click HERE for details.

Something interesting on the departure day morning on Sunday - while waiting for the shuttle service between 8 to 9 am, we notice no less than 20 pairs of newly-wed couples; an interesting sight that was not expected.